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As a life coach, I specialize in working with Mental Health Professionals who:

  • are overwhelmed by the intensity of their cases
  • lack support from their workplace
  • look forward all day (or week) to having a glass of wine or a cocktail
  • find themselves drinking more than they planned
  • find themselves drinking most days of the week
  • do not feel like they meet the criteria for  Alcoholics Anonymous or Alcohol Use Disorder or Tyrion Lannister or Meredith
  • they have secondary stress-related symptoms, such as digestive issues, achy joints, constant exhaustion, and overweight
  • teach skills to clients and feel like they should know how to do it themselves
  • watch The Office and Game of Thrones

Coaching sessions are offered via video-chat on Zoom. Clients meet with me once a week for 6 weeks.  They will get a workbook complete with information and writing assignments for each day of the 6 weeks. 

Interested in working together? Email me or call (970) 541-9534 for a free consultation.

Not sure yet? Need more info? This page includes lots of details about my packages and policies, plus some testimonials…


Get Control of Your Drinking–  This course is for all of my Mental Health Professionals who have been using alcohol to cope with the stress of the job.  This is a safe, nonjudgmental, completely confidential space to get some assistance from someone who has been there.  Believe me, I know you teach this stuff to your clients already.  There is no substitute for working with someone who will teach you how to be accountable to yourself.  In this course you will learn:

  • how to plan ahead and commit to the plan
  • how to feel your feelings
  • how to use your desire for alcohol as a tool, not a weapon
  • how to recognize negative thought loops
  • how to get clear on how your thoughts and feelings are driving


Every session is 100% confidential. I won’t share your personal info with anyone, ever. –

Every session is 100% compassionate and judgment-free.  We are all human.  I have made so many mistakes and ill-advised choices in my life. You can share anything with me.-

Every session is scheduled in advance. If you don’t show up, and don’t give me adequate notice (at least 48 hours) that you need to reschedule, then you’ll still be charged for the session that you missed. –

If we decide to work together, you’ll commit to meeting with me 6 times in 2 months. That’s a firm policy.  I’ve found that consistency and routine are important.  I’ve also found that too much time in between sessions and we tend to lose steam!


The thing I adore the most about Mary is her limitless compassion and understanding, and the unique way she weaves humor and empathy into even the heaviest of topics.  Mary is an incredibly wise, healing, and I am grateful for all she has given me!

-Kitty Cavalier

Mary is one of the most open-hearted and open-minded people walking the planet. As a friend, she’s a gift. As a person, she rocks.

-Becca Hopson

I have known Mary her whole life. She has always been kind, loving and most importantly supportive. She is willing to take chances and try new things, and while not all are successful, she uses the experience as an opportunity for growth. Her optimistic outlook continues to be an inspiration to me. Her smile and enthusiastic attitude have motivated me through many difficult moments. She listens quietly and offers suggestions without judgement. I greatly appreciate having her in my life.

– P. Sullivan


Feel free to contact me if you have a question that’s not covered on this page. I’d love to hear from you. Talk to you soon!


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